Sweet Valley Goldendoodles

Welcome to Sweet Valley Goldendoodles!!  We are located in the Shenandoah Valley near the George Washington National Forest in Virginia.  We breed standard F1 and F1b goldendoodles.   I'm a stay at home Mom and this is something I have found  that my kids and I love doing.  We are a small family breeder and intend to stay that way so we have the time to actually spend with our puppies. These dogs are great family pets and are awesome with children!!  Our puppies interact with kids from day one and are shown an enormous amount of love and attention before going to their forever homes!

 Our Standard  F1 & F1b Goldendoodles are a first generation cross breed and as such they exhibit hybrid vigor which makes a healthier dog.  Our F1's are light to non-shedding and usually live nicely with families that have mild allergies.  If you are looking for something a little more allergy friendly check out our F1b Standard Goldendoodles!


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